Pyrrhic victory for Aboriginal people


Sydney, 25 June 2011 – the Land and Environment Court upheld the Blue Mountains council decision for Vesna Tenodi, the ModroGorje gallery owner, to remove the “Wanjina Watchers in the Whispering Stone” sculpture from her front lawn, because the image on the stone is upsetting for some Aborigines.

Ms Tenodi said that the shameful conduct of the local bureaucrats driven by political-correctness-gone-mad and white-guilt syndrome, “under instruction” by a group of Aborigines who are spiritually insensitive to their own gods, led to this Pyrrhic victory for Aboriginal people:

“The council used the planning law and the house heritage listing and the ‘stone’s visual prominence’ as an excuse to basically enforce censorship. This is a worrying outcome for every artist and free thinker in Australia…

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