Aborigines, Artistic Freedom and Spiritual Archaeology

NRZ-Kresimir-Misak Aborigines, Artistic Freedom and Spiritual Archaeology
On the Edge of Science – Kresimir Misak interviews Vesna Tenodi, a Croatian-Australian archaeologist, artist, writer and medium, who lives in Sydney. Topics include art and censorship, political correctness which is paralysing Australian society today and is used to terrorise artists and writers, as well as Aboriginal violence against non-Aboriginal artists, and a group of Australian artists who are determined to fight for their rights to create art without censorship.
“When I said: I talk with gods, Aborigines screamed: We’ll kill you! – instead of asking: What do they say? This shows how aggressive and violent modern Aborigines are, and how completely disconnected from the ancient esoteric tradition passed on to them by the pre-Aboriginal population of Abrajanes.”
The program also explores conventional archaeology and spiritual archaeology, as well as the thoughts of more sensible Aboriginal people, shining a light on the current politically motivated lies, myths and misconceptions.

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