Spoken by: Jesse Russell-Williams
Lyrics: Wanjinas
Art: “Wanjina Watchers” by Gina Sinozich, Benedikt Osváth, Marina Lapadatovic, Graeme Biddle, Vesna Tenodi, Damir Tenodi
Didgeridoo: Aboriginal artist Goomblar Wylo
Book by Vesna Tenodi “Dreamtime Set in Stone — the Truth about Australian Aborigines, as requested by the Those-Who-Know”
Goomblar’s didgeridoo performance at ModroGorje Gallery — DVD companion to the book, now on YouTube.
DreamRaiser Project is dedicated to people who stand up for artistic freedom, freedom of exploring and reviving spirituality, and freedom to seek and speak the truth.

Wanjinas message to Aborigines for Australia Day, 26/01/2014 “Without Truth — there is no Hope!”

No truth — no hope,
but only dope,
grog and rope.
The Past is lost,
the Now is a crack,
the Future is bleak,
there’s no way back!
The Spirit is gone,
into earth, rock and bone…
Who will, then, mend your broken Heart?
Who will, then, stop you falling Apart?
Who will, then, fill your empty Being?
Who will, then, lift your drooping Wing?
Who will, then, save your withering Soul?
Who will, then, give your life a Goal?

Behold! Behold!
The truth must be told:
We sent you a White Dreamer!
The Lady you hate,
but wait, have faith,
and see Vesna’s fate
as your Redeemer!

She’ll get you in rhyme
with Time-in-between-Time,
but not before
exposing false Lore.
And to the people
of glorious Oz
she’ll reaffirm
Our Five Laws
— as are instilled
in the Whispering Rock,
the gift from Us
you dare to mock!

Only then — time and again,
Our Love you’ll regain,
and the New Dream
will through your life gleam.

What’s sent from above,
through the one We belove,
is nothing but Love
is nothing but Love
Our pure, true Love…

© DreamRaiser 2014

Lyrics: Wanjinas
Art: “Wanjina Watchers” by Vesna Tenodi and Benedikt Osváth
Music, Performance & Video: Amadeo Dujmovic

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