Vesna Tenodi: WOKEISM and its REVERSE RACISM

“Wokeism and its Reverse Racism” provides an insight into Cancel Culture and its “woke” movement. It is a must-read for anyone interested in Wokeism in Australia, the US and Canada, and in Reverse Racism which has poisoned contemporary Australian society.
The book includes the orders that the “woke” organisations give to authors they see as a threat to the Woke movement, with threats to censor their works. It contains Forbidden Archaeology articles, originally published in the American Pleistocene Coalition Journal. Also included is the Open Letter to the Australian Federal Government, with Request to stop the aggressive “decolonisation” process – under which the public buildings and monuments, as well as private properties, art galleries and artworks are being vandalised and/or destroyed, while all the books deemed as “offensive” to Aborigines are being removed from Australian libraries.


Download the full pdf e-Book here: Vesna Tenodi: WOKEISM and its REVERSE RACISM – Aboriginal violence and corruption in the Aboriginal Industry


  1. Ros


    Interesting perspective, thank you for all your research and your ‘voice’
    So sad the state of affairs and wokeism in Australia, reading your articles I’m sorry of what you have had to experience

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