About the Writer

Vesna Tenodi


Vesna Tenodi is a Croatian-Australian archaeologist, artist, writer and medium, based in Sydney. She obtained her Master’s Degree in Archaeology from the University of Zagreb, Croatia.

Vesna is also a Justice of the Peace, a position she has held since 2005. She was a nominee for the NSW Human Rights Award 2013, for campaigning for academic and artistic freedom, in particular the rights of Australian non-Aboriginal artists to create art without censorship, and for Australian archaeologists to explore the past without political interference.

She was also a nominee for the Australian of the Year 2014, for her innovative approach, courage and determination to protect freedom of expression, and for raising awareness about Aboriginal violence and corruption in the Aboriginal industry.

Writer’s Statement

Back in 1987, my husband Damir and I made a commitment to our Teacher Master Ananda, and accepted the task of working for the Masters-of-the-Fifth-Level. That work included establishing our Anan-Do integral arts centre in Sydney in 1990, and the ModroGorje Art Gallery in Katoomba in the Blue Mountains in 2008. Due to Aboriginal violence, vandalism and death threats, as well as the corrupt Blue Mountains Council bureaucrats, we were forced to abandon our art gallery, which is now continuing online from our Sydney home.

My task since 2008 is to supervise the creation of the Wanjina Watchers artworks – the series of paintings by Gina Sinozich andWanjina Watchers in the Whispering Stone sculpture by Benedikt Osváth, as well as to coordinate a number of initiatives within our DreamRaisers Project.

The Wanjina Watchers in the Whispering Stone sculpture is an interface between the DreamKeepers – the Masters-of-the-Sixth-Level– and those who approach it with the right intention and attitude of mind. The transforming power of the Whispering Stone is a gift to the world.

Vesna-Tenodi-Dreamtime-Set-in-Stone-book-illustrated-by-Gina-Sinozich  5-laws-Peace-Justice-Truth-Love-Trust  Wanjina-Watcher-Lover-Heart-Wanjina

Wanjina-watchers-in-the-whispering-stone-plaque  wanjina-watchers-in-the-whispering-stone-and-plaque