Goomblar-and-Vesna-Tenodi Excerpts from Vesna’s book: Dreamtime Set in Stone Goomblar talks

From January to June 2009 Goomblar Wylo was talking to Vesna about a number of issues in the local and nationwide Aboriginal community. Parts of those talks were included in part one of the DreamRaisers Trilogy, the Dreamtime Set in Stone – the Truth about Australian Aborigines, as requested by the Those-Who-Know.

Goomblar’s intention was to help his people, to encourage them to pick themselves up and stop milking white guilt, to stop living on sit-down money, dwelling on what happened two hundred years ago, to catch up with the times and to adopt a work ethic. He wanted to inspire them to see the value of education and cooperation. His message to his people was to stop demanding respect, and to earn respect instead.

He spoke of reality as he sees it, about his personal experience and the experience of his people, but his honesty and courage were soon to backfire, just as he had predicted.

Here are the excerpts from part one of the Dreamtime Set in Stone.

Dreamtime Set in Stone book cover page



Telling the Truth


Vesna’s Law