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Spiritual art might sound like a tautology, because art is by its very nature spiritual activity. It makes the ideas visible. Inspired artistic expression is a visible representation of the artist’s inner vision.
The word “inspiration” comes from the Latin noun “inspiratio” and from the verb “inspirare“. “Inspirare” is a compound term resulting from the Latin prefix “in” (inside, into) and the verb “spirare” (to breathe). “Inspirare” meant originally “to blow into“, “to breathe in” and “to be imbued with spirit“. In Christian theology, the Latin word “inspirare” pertains to “divinitus inspirata” – “breathed into by the divine“.

Spiritual artists are only the truly inspired ones, who have the sensitivity, knowledge and skill to bring the spiritual into the material and make the ideas visible. And most of all who have the courage to follow their vision.
Spiritual art can also be called sacred art. It depicts the themes to be contemplated not for what they are but for what they represent. It is quite odd that spiritual, sacred messages can be found even in quite unexpected art forms and artistic styles such as cartoons and caricatures, showing that the gods do have a sense of humour.

INBY series
We welcome the artists who joined the DreamRaiser project during last year, and are now helping us in our struggle to win back our right to create art without censorship, as well as in our protest against Aboriginal violence and the lies of lawyers and bureaucrats.
The aim of the DreamRaiser project is to reaffirm Australian artists right to artistic freedom, freedom to explore spirituality, and freedom to seek and speak the truth.
Our artists initially explored pre-Aboriginal Australian rock art, the Wanjina and Bradshaw imagery, but are now adding the iconography from other parts of the world, exploring the idea of the sacred and the divine as found in a number of ancient cultures, from the most primitive to the most sophisticated ones.
Seeing the violence we were targeted with, our new artists and experts from various fields were concerned for their own safety, and requested anonymity. We respect their wishes. In order to protect them and their families, their work will be published anonymously, protected by © DreamRaiser project, wherein the copyright and intellectual property laws fully apply.
These are some of the artworks created within our DreamRaiser INBY series.

Wanjina-Vesna Wanjina-Vesna Wanjina-Vesna Wanjina-Vesna-crucifix Wanjina-Vesna


Wanjina Wanjina Wanjina Wanjina Wanjina


Wanjina Wanjina Wanjina Wanjina Wanjina

Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche: “If you want to enlighten society, you need to change the culture. If you want to change the culture, you need to change the art.”