Vesna Tenodi: Aboriginal Paleolithic paintings explained

There is no credence in any of the Aboriginal industry’s ‘meticulous research’ which supposedly ‘proves that Walsh was wrong’… Walsh concluded that both groups – Bradshaw as well as Wanjina figures – were deliberately destroyed, which was the Aboriginal way of making a statement of cultural dominance over an earlier, non-Aboriginal race… Speaking the truth is now called ‘hate speech’… Fraud and falsified archaeology are now even enshrined in Australian law.


Vesna Tenodi: From Stone Age to Space Age – Part 2

Same signs, same minds: Palaeolithic artefacts decorated with identical patterns such as parallel lines, ladder motif, cross-hatch pattern, dots and circles – together with jewellery made of shells, bones or pebbles – form part of a decorative repertoire typical for the Upper Palaeolithic period in the Mediterranean basin. The same motifs are also typical for Stone Age material found in Australia…