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Tai Chi Chuan is a universal art of specific movements, which brings harmonious unity and balance of body and mind, with every movement involving the whole body. Damir Tenodi, therapeutic and martial arts teacher, the supreme Tai Chi master and author of several books covering these topics, had asked himself many years ago what did the creators of Tai Chi Chuan had in mind while exploring the dynamic processes through which all forms and phenomena in our world are being created, sustained and destroyed? And what does duality of living, represented by the Yin-Yang symbol, actually mean? Has Tai Chi lost its essence over time?

He concluded that Tai Chi is the language of the soul, and is a complement to the most important human quality – our ability to think. Since the language of the mind is philosophy, our lives are therefore shaped by ideas conceived in our mind, rather than by mere physical practice. That has set Shifu Damir Tenodi on the path of reviving the true spirit of Tai Chi teachings…