Media Release: Australian Croats demand apology from Tony Jones for false claims on Q&A

On the 18th of July 2016 the host of ABC’s weekly program Q&A, Tony Jones, made claims concerning the involvement of Croatian Catholics in purported terrorist activities.

Openly hostile and disrespectful, he interrupted Pauline Hanson with his “fact check”:

“When you say we never had terrorism in this country before that’s simply not the case. In the 1970’s there were multiple bombings by Croatian Catholic extremists. This has happened in Australia before, it is not the first time. You should at least get that straight.”

The case against Croatian Australians was later proven to be fabricated by the communist Yugoslav intelligence agency, known as UDBA. Investigation revealed that former Yugoslav officials considered the discrediting of the Croatian Australian community as one of their “greatest successes”, using Australian police and intelligence services to ruin the reputation of Croatian Australians, as clarified on the Bolt Report.

As a leading journalist, Tony Jones, should be aware of the effects that such misinformation can have on a community. His false statements will certainly be used by violent groups who keep vilifying Croatian community in Australia.

Personally, we and our group of artists find Tony Jones’ false statements both offensive and dangerous. We have been terrorised by a group of Aborigines and the corrupt Aboriginal industry since 2009, for publishing a book in which a real Aboriginal elder, Goomblar Wylo, decided to tell the truth about Aborigines today,as well as for artworks created by non-Aboriginal artists and referenced to Pre-Aboriginal Australian cave art.

We, as well as Goomblar, were repeatedly attacked, abused, threatened, had our art vandalised and our gallery trashed, while the local Blue Mountains police was directed not to touch the vandals. These violent objectors succeeded in running us out of Katoomba, helped by the corrupt Blue Mountains Council and the lies told by the taxpayer funded Arts Law Centre of Australia.

The violent objectors, including some illiterate tribesmen as well as fake Aborigines, among other insults, used the same false claims as made by Tony Jones.

It goes without saying that this misinformation aired on Q&A will be misused as well, in a similar manner.

We take this opportunity to repeat our Request to the Federal Government for an Inquiry into Aboriginal violence and into Corruption in the Aboriginal Industry as well as to intervene in the Arts Law Centre ongoing breach of copyright and moral rights of Australian artists Benedikt Osváth and Gina Sinozich

We hope that some among our politicians will follow Pauline Hanson’s example, grow some spine and start speaking out against violence repeated on a daily basis by the over-privileged, over-empowered, over-funded and permanently enraged Aboriginal groups.

We call on Tony Jones and the ABC management to make a complete retraction, as well as an apology to the Australian Croatian community on next Monday’s Q&A program.

For other submissions by Vesna Tenodi, ModroGorje Gallery owner (closed due to Aboriginal violence)

and Donald Richardson, Art Expert and ModroGorje artists’s consultant

see Truth in Art

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