ModroGorje Wellness and Art Centre, run by Vesna & Damir Tenodi and guided by the Those-Who-Know, was an endeavour to rekindle the spiritual within the material and to encourage people to live a responsible life – fearless, meaningful and purposeful.

Art and esoteric philosophy are the main instruments used for unifying our hearts and minds, while tai chi & chi kung are the preferred disciplines to keep our bodies healthy and fully functional. Anan-Do meditation is an integral part of our teaching, as an irreplaceable method for refining our inner and outer perception.

Vesna holds a Master’s Degree in Archaeology and is also an artist and writer, as well as a tireless worker for the Anan-Do cause. Damir is a Master of martial & therapeutic arts and teacher of Anan-Do integral forms, author of six books on eastern disciplines and their underlying philosophy, as well as co-author of the esoteric “Dialogues” series.

Both Vesna and Damir are fully dedicated to their task of conveying and implementing the higher knowledge and ideals set for humanity, as taught by their Teachers and Guides. They work with Master Ananda – Master-of- the-Fifth- Level – as their Head Teacher since 1987, as well as with Masters-of- the-Sixth- Level, referred to as the Those-Who- Know.

Wanjinas-by-Gina-Sinozich  Vesna-Tenodi-and-Goomblar-Wylo  Vesna-Tenodi-Dreamtime-Set-in-Stone-book-illustrated-by-Gina-Sinozich

Message from Vesna Tenodi, Wanjina CEO

To the DreamRaisers (all sensible, sensitive, intuitive, well-meaning, open-minded and courageous people who support the project)

Stairway to Peace


These Laws are embedded in the Whispering Stone, as set by the Those-Who-Know and contained in my book ‘Dreamtime Set in Stone’.

The Wanjina Watchers images, which had been approved by the Those-Who-Know, were desecrated when the Whispering Stone was repeatedly vandalised throughout 2010 and 2011.

The artist, Benedikt Osváth, counted more than one hundred axe marks on the stone, showing the viciousness and hatred behind these attacks.

As a consequence of actions of a handful of local thugs, who failed to grasp the meaning of Wanjinas and deliberately misinterpreted our art and intentions, the Whispering Stone had been vandalised, our property damaged, all culminating in threats to our lives.

In 2010 I personally received a number of death threats, and warnings that “both the Wanjina-Watchers-in-the-Whispering-Stone-sculpture-Ben-OsváthKimberley tribes and the local Aborigines are conducting ceremonies to kill me and my artists, with black magic”. These violent thugs boasted that I and my artists will be dead within a week, absolutely, because their “magic” is so very-very- powerful. When that didn’t work, the thugs threatened that – since the tribal ceremonies had failed – they will run us off the road, push us off a cliff, and burn down our house while we sleep.

And yet, I hold no grudge against these people. They are what they are, and they cannot change.

No-one among the so-called Aboriginal elders seem to have realised that everything we do within our DreamRaisers Project comes from the same Source as the prehistoric Wanjina images, painted by the Pre-Aboriginal races, on the cave-walls of Northern Australia. None of them asked who the Those-Who-Know are and what they want – and why now. They were simply unable to understand the references to what they claim is their “sacred lore”.

On the other hand, we have been receiving a positive and insightful input from the general public, with a number of spiritually aware people immediately recognising the significance and central role of the Those-Who- Know and asking about them and their teaching.

These events were yet another proof that the Aboriginal people today are completely disconnected from their spiritual tradition, just as Aboriginal elder Goomblar Wylo said in Dreamtime Set in Stone book. And that there is an urgent need for revival of Aboriginal spirituality. By a white woman? Yes, by the white woman! Why? Because the Wanjinas no longer speak to Aboriginal people. But they speak to me.

All four Wanjinas – Wanjina of Knowledge (the Teacher), Wanjina of Courage (the Warrior), Wanjina of Love (the Healer), and Wanjina of Creation (the Sustainer) – represented in the Whispering Stone artwork, were scarred and hurt by thugs.

In 2012 Ben repaired the damage. The energy within this healing stone was rebalanced.

The Those-Who-Know recharged the Whispering Stone and requested for the sculpture to be moved to Europe – in order to make the Stone’s energy accessible to people who wish to become DreamRaisers, and participants in Their Plan.

So in 2014 we did just that. We also founded ModroZorje art and sculpture garden in Europe, as the Wanjina Watchers new home.

Our Wanjina Manifesto, published in 2010, was well received by some real Aboriginal people, who supported us and our artists.

They too were attacked, by the same people who vandalised our art. It has to be said that the most violent among them were some fake Aborigines – white people who masquerade as Aborigines in order to enjoy all the privileges that claim to Aboriginality brings them.

This problem with fake Aborigines rorting the system was only recently recognised and acknowledged by the government, after our repeated Requests to the Australian Government for an Inquiry into Aboriginal violence and into Corruption in the Aboriginal Industry.

As a consequence of this phenomenon of false claims to Aboriginality, when discussing Aborigines today we must first specify whether we are talking about the true or the fake Aborigines. The mind boggles.

Suffice to say that invitation extended in our Wanjina Manifesto is now off the table.