The SkyGod – overseer of all celestial beings (in Aboriginal mythology these beings are called Wanjinas)

Wanjinas – celestial beings as found in every world religion, spiritual tradition and any ancient mythology

Vesna – the medium, the intermediary chosen by the SkyGod to revive the dying spirituality

In Aboriginal lore, Wanjinas are usually defined as celestial beings, mythological entities, or legendary ancestors. The term “Wanjina” can refer to any one among the greater of lesser Wanjinas, but its singular form is also used as a common noun, referring to all Wanjinas.

Wanjinas are equivalent to the entities who, in esoteric philosophy, can also be called the Those-Who-Know, the DreamTimeKeepers, the Teachers-from-other-realms, or the Masters-of-the-Sixth-Level. They represent a heavenly hierarchy, the architects of the universe, and are overseen by the SkyGod.

These highly-ranked celestial beings refuse to be firmly defined, but for practical purposes allow us to describe them by any of those names.

The teachings and messages from the SkyGod also include input from and dialogues with a number of these beings.

Our work and the teaching process is assisted and made possible by Master Ananda, who remains our Head Teacher and whom we acknowledge as the driving force behind everything we do.

Please note, the same as with Master Ananda, the SkyGod and the Wanjinas often refer to themselves either in plural or in the third person.

July 2011 – The SkyGod’s message, July 2011

Aborigines must organise Forgiveness Day!

Aboriginal people were treated poorly in the past. Australian society is now making enormous efforts to right the wrongs of the past, but Aboriginal people refuse to respond and misuse all that goodwill for revenge, or what they call Payback time.

In order to heal the wounded Aboriginal psyche and to open a way towards true and meaningful reconciliation, the Aboriginal people need to organise Forgiveness Day, as a response to Sorry Day. Only when they find a way to forgive, and organise Forgiveness Day, they will show that they can take responsibility and start participating in the life of Australian society in a positive and constructive way.

We see there is only half a bridge of reconciliation – the first half, Sorry Day, is there. The other half – Forgiveness Day – is missing. Until that half is built, until Forgiveness Day, there can be no true reconciliation.

SkyGod speaks – messages 2010

The SkyGod loves you, but you have drifted away from him and he is angry now

… our messages are not only relevant to Aboriginal people, but apply to everyone. Aborigines are only the entry-point… and we see the global dynamics reflected in local community… which can be explained through Damir’s fractals analogy… and Katoomba is a good illustration of the world, the world in a nutshell. The dynamics of the people in the mountains reflect the dynamics of the world in general…

…That picturesque township, lovely, romantic, full of good energy, in a beautiful setting, an incredible spot, God-loved spot… The SkyGod loves it and that was his chosen place. And what we have seen people do, the way we saw them react and the dynamics they applied, is just a reflection of what goes on in the world today. It is indicative of the condition of mankind.

… But Katoomba is now enveloped in a dark cloud, its lovely energy poisoned…

… Vesna is now a victim. After years of dedicated work for the benefit of the most disregarded people on earth, as a result, or as a consequence, she has become a target of the most odious, most appalling and malicious attacks, of extreme anger and hate.

How do we, Wanjinas, respond to such anger and hate? We respond in stages. We said there will be moments when we need to fight fire with fire. And when we need to respond to anger with fury. When we can no longer be gentle, loving, patient, or indulgent Wanjinas…

… Now we say: enough is enough! Vesna speaks for Wanjinas, and they are angry. The Sky-God is angry. At this time, the SkyGod is more like the God in the Old Testament, a God of wrath, rather than a God of love. Because he is both. But at this moment, enough is enough!

As was stated in earlier messages to Aborigines: the Sky-God loves you, but he is angry now.

So you were told. You were invited. You were loved. You were offered our help. And you rejected it, because you cannot think beyond linear thinking, you cannot detach yourself from material interests, you cannot turn around and see us… The SkyGod no longer says: “Look at me”. He says: “You failed to look at me”. He no longer calls, nor invites, nor persuades, but says: “You failed me! You failed to look at me, and this current condition is what you get for that ignorance, for your indolence. You have failed me. You failed your role. You failed yourselves. And yet, you are quick to blame everyone else. And you express it in the worst possible terms, you express it like savages…”


… And you are no longer our children. You are prodigal sons and daughters. You are no longer our children. The SkyGod loves you, but can no longer see you, because you turned away from him, you have ignored him too much, for too long, you have fallen too far, we can no longer see you. But we can see Vesna.


… We can no longer stay silent and reluctant to speak. The social dynamics is appalling. In times of crisis, we get a mouth and we must speak out! That is how it has always been. And it is okay for Vesna to speak up now, against those who are paralysed into inaction. Their inaction has allowed the worst of the worst to run rampant, to let Vesna lose everything, has allowed them to force her to abandon her mountain home… Because no one dared to speak out against violence, because violence is committed by Aboriginal people, and these days, if you are an Aboriginal, you are a sacred cow.

They are all contributing to today’s condition and everybody is guilty! But while saying that, we also insist on pinpointing the blame and naming those vicious minds who now strive for diffusion of responsibility, and hope to transfer accountability – but that’s not an option… there is no more denying personal responsibility by saying “I’m just following orders”. We see how each person’s passivity contributes to today’s condition, and we hold them accountable. The condition we see is the poor residents of Katoomba are terrified out of their mind. And we see officials paralysed into inaction, we see political correctness gone mad, turning them into spineless hypocrites, only mindful of what they can say to make sure not to offend anyone. It comes down to what Goomblar said, everything he said is the absolute truth, that is how it is…

[passage about Katoomba, detailing who are the evil-minded psychopaths, who issued the orders and who wants Vesna killed, withheld for now]

… There are two immediate tasks for our participants and their helpers in the DreamRaisers project. They need to deal with the given material reality, and also pass on the knowledge and wisdom that Vesna receives from the SkyGod.

The Katoomba experience: Among the Hostiles.

… The SkyGod says: Aboriginal people have disconnected from us. We find no elder, no lawman, no lawwoman, able to see us or hear us or feel us.

We still call Aborigines ‘our people’. Because that’s what they used to be, while they were able to feel us. Now we reach ‘our people’ only through Vesna. At this moment, only she can hear us and we give her messages for those who used to be ‘our people’.

… Our images are but symbols, signs, left as a reminder and meditation aid. To see us, in order to hear us and feel us. The moment our people can no longer hear us or feel us, our images lost their purpose and they are now empty drawings on the wall.

We do not need the images to be restored. We do not want them repainted. They have become a decorative pictures, cute ornaments, devoid of meaning.

Repainting those images would be acceptable if there was an understanding of what they stand for. The feeling comes first, the impulse, the pull, when a person turns to us. This is called a shift in consciousness. Seeing beyond the surface. With such a shift, or a spiritual breakthrough, comes theknowing of what is right.

Repainting was acceptable while it was done as something of secondary importance, while it was accompanying, or following the teaching. Today it has been reduced to the mechanics of things, with egotistic competition of tribes and individuals. We have been used and misused for that silly – but so human – power struggle.

Any Aborigine, or any other person, can touch those images, repaint them, or copy them. It no longer means anything. They are just a vague memory of what they used to be.

… Our people, our Aborigines, have become invisible. The Third Race has been almost completely wiped out, assimilated into the white, modern Fifth Race.

The SkyGod defines Aboriginality as a race. Aborigines are only those small groups of people who have not lost all the physical characteristics of the race. It is tragic that today those true Aborigines are silent, invisible, overpowered by increasing numbers of white people who pretend to be Aboriginal, again not in order to hear us, but for practical, material purposes.

We welcome white people with pure heart. We reject white people who masquerade as Aborigines, for a variety of dubious reasons.

We encourage the true Aborigines to speak up. To stop hiding and feeling inferior because they are unable to play the modern society’s political games. We do not want them to play those games, or learn those games, as that was not their intended role.

… The SkyGod says: We will see you again once you see us again. We shall remain indifferent until there is that pull. Imagine us submerged in a sea of darkness. In the vast spaces of the universe, that is where we are, barely visible.

When a person, with a well developed inner vision, finds or senses a trace of us and looks up, that soul starts shining, catches our eye, attracts our attention. That is the law. We cannot instigate, we do not prompt, we wait. The impulse must come from you.

… Do not kill our messenger. Your rage is misdirected. Kill the greed and pride in your own mind. And through our messenger, you will be able to hear us, your Wanjinas, again.

… There is a clear danger for Aboriginal people to fall even further away from us, beyond the point of no return. With immature behaviour and savage threats by the few, they are allowing for the worst of stereotypes to be reinforced.

It is difficult, if not impossible, to teach those who do not want to be taught. When Vesna simplified her role, to make it comprehensible to an average person, and to a question “What do you and your artists want?” she replied: “We want to help” – she was again attacked with a comment that “wanting to help is also a form of invasion”. Don’t you dare help! And she kept quiet, she did not resort to irony, didn’t argue, said nothing.

And that is another mark of a true aspirant. Our messengers and our helpers cannot be provoked. They stay calm in the face of adversity, dignified and silent under duress, they do not strike out in anger.

Every attack on our DreamRaisers, even the most personal, vulgar, shameful attacks, should prompt a creative, artistic, philosophical response. Never anger. Just sadness.

Anger is the darkness of the mind. It makes you inaccessible. Anger is like acid that eats away every good thought, cancels every impulse from the soul. Hatred is the darkness of the heart. With your heart, you will see me, says the SkyGod. Hate clouds the inner vision, makes you blind to our world.

… Tell No One. Tell no one of their shame. Tell no one of the axe-wielders, law-breakers, and shame-makers. Tell no one how far Aboriginal people have drifted away from us.

People have drifted so far they can no longer see us, or hear us, or feel us. By having drifted so far, it is no longer possible to just gently drift back. Radical change is required, and enormous effort if people are to find their way back to the source – with white artists leading the way.

… Aboriginal people have forgotten their origins. Their tradition has become almost irretrievable. If we are to save it, and revive it, radical action is required.

… The SkyGod says: Australian Aborigines are the last remnants of the Third Race. The core teaching of that race contains important points which the whole world needs. We offer a way to help them revive the forgotten wisdom and pass it on to the current Fifth Race, so the world will not self-destruct.

If Aborigines were to realise the important role they could play in the spiritual survival of the world, they would not react with such anger when Vesna conveys what the Wanjinas want. When we say they are a dying race, in slumber, disconnected from their own tradition, and that there is an urgent need to revive the forgotten core of that spirituality, these are statements of facts, but they take them as insults.

The SkyGod also says: They need to overcome that rage and find enough love in their hearts to pass on what we ask them to pass on, like loving, dying parents, trying to hand over the best of their knowledge on to their children, for their own spiritual survival.

And they should realise what an honour it is that we chose Aboriginal culture to save the world. And they would then be proud of having a chance to fulfil their role.

And they would embrace Vesna and respect the SkyGod’s choice. The SkyGod decided to speak through her, and if they refuse to accept that, they will feel his wrath.

The world is spiritually dying. The Aboriginal race, within its tradition, has answers that can help the Fifth Race to balance the heart and the mind…

That can be achieved through co-operation We need each other. The Fifth race is overly intellectual, and lost. The Third race was overly spiritual, and equally lost, ignoring the demands of the material world. Now we see they have neglected and forgotten most of their spiritual knowledge as well.

The SkyGod says: Today, Aboriginal people are increasingly out of touch with what they call the law, keep disconnecting from it through anger and hate. They need to remove that fury, remove anger, remove rage, remove hate, remove pain. Think about the best, and give us the best. And we shall give you our best.

Vesna has the task to facilitate this interaction which would mean an exchange of the best between the Third and the Fifth race. At the moment, these are worlds in collision. The differences in orientation, priorities and values, cause the conflict. The members of the Third race, instead of reawakening the best in themselves, react with the worst inside of them, with extreme rage and pain, caused by centuries of humiliation and suffering.

As Goomblar said in the Dreamtime Set in Stone: “Every group should fix themselves first, and then interact with others”. He put it beautifully. When you fix yourself and interact with others, you can help the others. If a broken self interacts with others, he can only break the other. Goomblar was unaware he was making an extremely important statement, because he was inspired, because Vesna succeeded in drawing out the best out of him, she extracted the Dreamtime from Goomblar. And because of that moment, Goomblar is bound to us forever.

This is the DreamTime Bible in the making, as given to Aunty Vesna

Vesna: I am a medium and I talk with Gods. Here you’ll find the selection of quotes and excerpts from what Wanjinas are telling me about the DreamTime.

Mythology, symbology and iconography of the DreamTime

The Wanjinas say:

… The available material [about Dreamtime] is inadequate, for a number of reasons. Knowledgeable people have dedicated years to research, collect and document the material, with assistance and input from Aboriginal tribes and individuals, but in most of the material available the essential ingredient is missing – our input.

Aboriginal people who were consulted in all those efforts were lacking spiritual insight, and reduced their ancient tradition to bedtime stories, legends and fables. White researchers were lacking the right mental attitude when dealing with Aborigines. Communication between two groups of people with such different mental attitude, with so vastly different world views, different priorities and values, is bound to fail, because in face of all those barriers, including the language barrier, in the end the most important points become “lost in translation”, so to speak.

Modern researchers have a practical, empirical approach, and seek solid evidence, verifiable claims and consistency of interpretation.

Aboriginal people are like children. This is not a pejorative or negative assessment, it is an accurate definition of their state of mind, which can be seen as endearing if one can appreciate these childlike qualities. Children have no sense of social interaction requirements, do not consider what they say keeping in mind its impact, lack a sense of time and its importance, so to expect a child to plan and organise, to think about the consequences, to formulate its thoughts would be unreasonable to expect. Aboriginal people often improvise, whatever comes to their mind comes out of their mouth, unconcerned with any inconsistencies. Researchers get frustrated with that playful attitude, and question why those stories can change overnight; while Aboriginal people see no problem with that – that was yesterday, this is today. Various interpretations are also dismissed, that’s what that tribe says, this is what this tribe says, they see no problem with contradictory statements.

Researchers get frustrated with this lack of consistency in all things Aboriginal. Aboriginal people see no problem in changing their story all the time. One person interprets a fable about the kangaroo in a particular way, someone else says that’s wrong, it’s like this, the third one says, but in my tribe it’s like this, and researchers do not know whom to trust. The analytical western mind seeks uniformity, consistency, verifiable information. The Aboriginal mind is geared towards arbitrary improvisation and unable to follow imperatives of logical reasoning. Western researchers want to apply syllogisms. The Aboriginal mind disregards this, as it operates on an intuitive basis, failing to process or articulate the intuitive messages through the mental level, in order to give it communicable structure.

The western mind is set in the concrete of logic. The Aboriginal mind is dispersed in an etheric fog. Each fails to appreciate the other, so what takes place is like two people eager to communicate, but speaking different languages, neither willing to put in the effort needed to understand the language of the other. Information turns into unintelligible noise, as if a Chinese and an Italian were to speak each in their respective language, without an interpreter. Such attempts take time and energy, and end up in frustration.

Today, Aboriginal people themselves can no longer grasp the meaning of their legends. They can tell you what their totems are, they can tell you about their tribes’ symbols, but cannot say what these stand for. They cannot remember. Much like most Christians keep forgetting what parables stand for, or keep fussing over Jesus-the-child, ignoring Christ-the-Master.

Is every Wanjina a god?

The Wanjinas say: Yes. In a way.

In DreamTime hierarchy, there are three levels of what is called ‘celestial beings’, or Wanjinas. We, the Greater or Higher Wanjinas, abide in the Fifth, the Sixth, and the Seventh realm. Mankind occupies the Fourth, material level. There are also three levels of lower-order, spiritual entities that are sometimes called Lesser or Lower Wanjinas, interacting with the material world. But, to avoid confusion, those lower-level beings should not be called Wanjinas at all; it is more advisable to call them spirits, because of their etheric nature.

They are easily accessible and very useful to us, the Greater Wanjinas. We often use those lower-order spirits as our little messengers, to playfully enact our wishes. They are not our companions, they are like our children. We tell them, for example, take this and give it to so-and-so. And they do, as a child would do, handing over the gift, without questioning from whom, to whom, and why. The person receiving it feels as if witnessing a miracle, an omen, a sign. Seeing an omen, they get excited, but soon forget that it was an invitation, to look at us! Or get involved with those lower spirits, fascinated by them, unwilling to project awareness beyond that mirror.

Isn’t this a cute little orb?

People can find those little miracles in a number of things or phenomena. Some love crystals, rainbows, sounds, see them as aids that can trigger a soul-memory and revive a knowing of what is. One of those little signs are orbs, a widespread phenomenon that generates so much interest today. Some say it’s nothing more than light interference, reflections and random visual anomalies. Others research them for years, take thousands of pictures, documenting and sorting them out, to establish patterns and meaning, and prove there are rules to orb behaviour, by which they appear and disappear in a certain way.

To the sceptics, orbs mean nothing. To a devotee, shapes, colours, size, everything about the orbs carries significance. To each his own, we say. Live and let live. We neither ridicule nor encourage those interests, that is something we leave up to every person to decide for themselves. What is important is How does it feel? If it feels significant, it can be used as a good tool.

Sometimes we indulge those attracted to those playful manifestations, and send them orbs to amuse them, or delight them, or help them.

Swarming Orbs and Wanjina Watchers

We wanted the Whispering Stone to be our vehicle, our home. We found a suitable energy in that rock, we pushed Vesna to lean on it and say: This is the stone I want! And we pushed Damir to say: Okay, how much for this stone?

We kept energising the rock, while Vesna was searching for an artist who possessed all our required attributes, one who ticked all our boxes, so to speak.

And we chose Ben. We kept sending orbs to twirl around him, and it was seen by many as an incredibly beautiful play. The strongest activity was seen at the time he worked on the Wanjina of Healing side of the stone.

Soon we were bombarded with spears of anger, with bolts of hate, with negativity of the living dead, oblivious to the fact that it was our home. When attacked, we withdraw, but we still leave some energy in our scarred images, in that ruined stone, as a sign for those still able to feel.

Orb-Wanjina-Watchers-in-the-whispering-stone  Orb-Wanjina-Watchers-in-the-whispering-stone  Orb-Wanjina-Watchers-in-the-whispering-stone

You can still see it and document it, but the Whispering Stone is no longer our only home. Vandals took care of that…

But we found other suitable means within the DreamRaiser project…

We can withdraw, we can come back…

We can manifest in anything we choose…

And we cannot be stopped.

Mirror, mirror, who am I?

Interaction between realms can be described as a one-way mirror. We can see you, you cannot see us. We send a little spirit, you see it as a play of light on the surface of the mirror, to help you start looking beyond the image on the surface, so that the impenetrable mirror becomes a two-way, transparent interface.

If you become entranced by those images, or focus on them, they no longer serve the purpose. Exactly like Damir keeps telling his tai chi students. Master the form, and practice the form, use the form to lead you beyond the form. We say learn to look, see the image, recognise the omen, and use them to lead you beyond the material.

DreamTime hierarchy is not much different from Christian tradition, with angels being the lowest level of heavenly beings, closest to people.

Every level has three sub-levels. In this esoteric pyramid of life, every level consists of equals, with those on the level above them being seen as their gods. To remind people it is just the way to make it understandable to the human mind, we talk of lower and higher, and the intermediate realm that connects them, or of lesser and greater gods.

In this esoteric dynamic, every god is a link to the next god, or the god’s god, on the next higher level. Ordinary people can often interact with spiritual beings of the three lowest levels. Advanced people, trained aspirants, and other spiritually minded people, can attract cooperation from the Teacher, the Master-of-the-Fifth-Level, and this is how the world’s great teachers emerge. They become participants in the work of their Teacher. Sometimes, let’s say once in a century, those who respond well and tick all our boxes can then be put in touch with us, the Masters-of-the-Sixth-Level. You can think of us as the Teachers, but also as the forefathers of mankind.

Beyond the Great Beyond – Redreaming the DreamTime

It is not imperative for people to know about the mechanics of the spiritual world. But it is important to know what might be interpreted as a supreme creator. The Christian God, for example, is not the end, but represents only the end of the teaching at this stage. People are given what they are able to comprehend.

The Dreamtime tradition was given to Aboriginal people, by us, the greater Wanjinas, a million years ago. We also gave them tokens of our love, icons to remind them of what we had said back then, and symbols to remember us by.

And they forgot.

So the time has come to say it again.

We are giving you two sets of laws.

There are laws that are immutable and eternal, spiritual laws, universal laws that govern all life, explored through philosophy and art – laws set in stone.

There are laws mutable and temporary, applicable to a particular age, material laws that govern nature and mankind, explored through science, that can be changed, fine-tuned, adjusted and tailored for particular groups and mindsets – laws set in sand.

This goes to show how everything people believe is often the opposite of what it really is. People see their material reality as firm, reliable, and stable, and focus on that – believing that it is the safe way to live. It is nothing of the sort.

We see material reality as malleable, fluid, and shifting, as an inconsequential playground.

The spiritual reality and its laws constitute that unchangeable, invisible force that shapes and rules all that is.

Changing the attitude to change the world

To change the world, or save the world, we need a shift in consciousness. Refocusing is painful because it requires detaching oneself from the morass of material living, change in attitudes, and change in priorities.

How does it feel? This is a question for every person seeking enlightenment. How does it feel on the level of the body, on the level of the mind, on the level of the soul? In the beginning, there is a great discrepancy and a particular effort or aspect of training can be very painful on, say, the body level, or the material level, but beneficial on the mental or spiritual level. Or it can be pleasant on the material level, but disastrous for spiritual growth. There are all sorts of distorted, bumpy human mandalas [as detailed in “Desperately Seeking Yin” book by Damir Tenodi], and the more one advances the smoother those mandalas become. Tai chi students know that what begins with wide stances, well-defined forms, and mind-guided strenuous practice, beneficial for body and mind, vitality and health, in time turns into smaller, softer, effortless movements, into soul-guided maintenance practice, that keeps the body in shape so it no longer presents an obstacle, and becomes increasingly beneficial for the soul.

Every Dreamtime symbol has a dual significance. The outer, apparent, exoteric meaning, and the inner, hidden, esoteric essence.

The SkyGod is the ruler of all the Wanjinas, the creator of the universe. That is the exoteric, simplified definition. SkyGod is the Word, the first vibration from which all has sprung, the Original Oneness, the substance of the universe, the Pure Idea. Keeping in mind that the Origin, or the Source-of-all-that-is, is not the end, and that there is a god beyond God. That is the esoteric definition.

Descending through the levels of existence, the idea acquires shape, until it reaches the concrete form, and can manifest itself in all life-forms, down to the ephemeral, short-lived ones. This means that even the most ephemeral expression of life, even forms that people consider to be inanimate objects, still contain traces of their origin, of the spark sent by the SkyGod.