We acknowledge our Teacher, Master Ananda, who is the driving force behind everything we do.

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black wanjinas Wanjinas World Warning – 11 March 2011

Message from Vesna:

While the Aboriginal thugs in the Blue Mountains keep up their campaign of hate, we have returned to our Sydney base and concentrated on our DreamRaiser project, as requested by the Those-Who-Know.

11/03/2011 was a sad day for us. We left our ModroGorje house to be leased out for the time being.

Here are links to parts of Wanjina’s messages, starting with the one as communicated in ModroGorje on 11/03/11, and then in our Sydney base later that night [parts of communication are withheld for now]:

ModroGorje, the Whispering Stone, 11 March 2011
Wanjina Warning, Sydney, 11 March 2011
Resetting the world – The Great Correction

The communication ended with Wanjinas’ response regarding the harassing freaks who have been telling us, since the day Goomblar’s thoughts were published in the “Dreamtime Set in Stone” book, that they have the most powerful lawyers who can do anything, who are so smart that they can prove any lie. All those “most powerful lawyers”, the freaks kept claiming, are lining up and bending over backwards to work for Aborigines – as that is the most lucrative law area today, as again repeated in this recently received email:

“Shame on you! Are you so stupid not to realise you are facing bankruptcy? Indigenous Australians have access to unlimited legal representation and support on a GLOBAL scale. If you think you can succeed in your endeavour, you are mistaken.

Go knock on the door of the nearest lunatic asylum and tell them gods talk to you they won’t even allow you home to get your pyjamas!!!!!”

This was concerning because it is true. Aborigines do have unlimited legal representation in Australia today – courtesy of the Australian taxpayer ($5.75 billion to be exact, as allocated by the Federal Government over the next 3 years). But they have no interest in using those funds to improve their condition or to use them in a way that the brave Aboriginal elder Goomblar Wylo wisely suggested they should – to go to school and get a job! – but keep hissing in our face: “This is payback time!”.

The second paragraph of that hate-mail yet again confirms that the Aboriginal people have lost contact with their spiritual tradition. The Wanjinas decided to speak out, to be heard again – but Aborigines no longer know what that means. Unaware of the spiritual realms and unable to hear the Those-Who-Know, they choose to mock them and ridicule their messages, to destroy their symbols and harass their helpers.

However, we know there are a few good Aboriginal people in the wider community, who have opened their hearts and responded to the Wanjinas’ call, just as Goomblar did before he lost courage. But those good Aborigines were soon intimidated into silence too, just as Goomblar was. Until they decide to speak their mind in opposition to the thugs and lawless freaks who claim to represent all Aboriginal people, we have to live with these constant threats.

The threats of legal action from their very-very-powerful lawyers, who can destroy us at the snap of Aboriginal fingers, were of great concern to me – I spoke with some of those experts, and they sneered at me, condescendingly, telling me that they indeed can make up an argument to prove just about anything that Aborigines want them to prove.

Yes, I am aware that Aborigines do have unlimited legal representation. And I do not.

And they do have unlimited funding, courtesy of the Australian taxpayer. And I do not.

In reference to those bullies and their constant threats, the Wanjinas said:

Let the freaks come forward! Let them rant and show their faces and reveal their poisoned hearts. It’s all good, the truth is good. That’s what we want.

Aborigines had a chance, and they missed it. They are not interested in reconciliation, or cooperation, or negotiation. All they want is revenge.

So we can no longer help them. And we are no longer focused on today’s Aborigines. Our messages are not meant for this new breed of angry, violent ones. Our messages are for those who can hear, for pure hearts and clear minds of any race.

We want our inspired artists to be ready for the next stage, when we’ll explore and explain other expressions of us, as found in Australian prehistoric art – created by the race that no longer exists.

Fear nothing, be still and know that you are our only messenger.

amadeo-wanjinas-call Wanjinas’ Call to Aboriginal people for reconciliation