Wanjinas’ messages – 11 March 2011

[parts of communication are withheld for now]:

Resetting the world – The Great Correction

This is not the end of the world,
but the time of great adjustment.
Humanity is like mis-healed bone.
that has to be broken
and reset again,
in order to heal and be useful again,
in order to right the wrongs
of the incompetent doctors,
who mis-set it in the first place.

So it must be broken,
and rebuilt,

How much more shaking,
and flooding
and burning,
do we need to do
to wake people up?

The Mountains are now
epicentre of evil.
Gripped by active evil –
the angry Aborigines.
Gripped by passive evil –
the frightened villagers,
with their timid souls,
paralysed into silence,
when seeing the extent
of Aboriginal hate.

This compounded evil,
is now
directing our hand.

We always give people
the option to choose –
free will trumps everything!

We gave them an option
to turn Katoomba
into a site of hope.

They chose the other fork
in the path we offered,
and turned the mountains
into a place of doom.

Aboriginal hate
and villagers apathy,
their weakness to ward-off
that enveloping evil,
had turned that magic spot –
that could start shining the light –
into a vortex of evil
that sucks in the Will,
turning the people –
those touched by that evil,
into empty shells.

That active evil,
and passive evil,
have moved our hand,
to reset the world.

amadeo-wanjinas-call Wanjinas’ Call to Aboriginal people for reconciliation