Wanjinas’ messages – 11 March 2011

[parts of communication are withheld for now]:

ModroGorje, the Whispering Stone:

Too much anger, too much hate,
too many primitive minds.
Too many cowards, too many hypocrites,
too much negativity, fear and apathy.
Dark cloud has enveloped Katoomba, and…
[part withheld]
But we shall return to that chosen spot,
once those toxic people find courage,
and change.


Each Watcher in the Whispering Stone conveyed the additional message:

Wanjina of Wisdom (the Teacher):

People [here] are not yet ready
for our knowledge and wisdom,
but we’ll keep talking,

Wanjina of Courage (the Warrior):

Only when they cleanse their hateful hearts,
and when they open their timid minds,
we can give them the spirit of courage.

Wanjina of Healing (the Lover):

We cannot heal them,
until they’re ready,
with purified hearts,
and eager minds.
We cannot heal them,
until they become
free of envy,
and anger, and hate.

Wanjina of Creation (the Sustainer):

Our Creation is no longer evolution,
they are now devolving
into savage hate…
[part withheld]

amadeo-wanjinas-call Wanjinas’ Call to Aboriginal people for reconciliation