Wanjinas’ messages – 11 March 2011

[parts of communication are withheld for now]:

Sydney, Wanjina Warning:

People who did this,
be they the axe-wielders
or fence sitters
or pen pushers.

People who did this,
be they Aborigines
or white folk
or yesterday whites turned Aborigines.

People who did this,
be they the lowlifes,
the gutter-dwellers,
the useless drunks.
Or respected pillars
of unenlightened village.
Or the leaders
of misled community.
Or writers or poets or artists,
silenced by fear
or deadened by apathy
in the face of all that
Aboriginal violence.

People who did this,
be they illiterate tribesmen,
in some forsaken place,
or highbrow philistines,
basking in the spotlight
with their new-found status
as sleazy protectors of untouchable savages

People who did this,
decided their fate –
for not to decide is to decide –
by choosing not to choose,
they turned the Mountains
into Godless sewage.

People who did this
unleashed our fury
and every one
who did this
is a soulless beast.

We have been giving them
sign after sign,
shock after shock
moving the water and air
and fire and earth…

And yet, they see nothing,
feel nothing, know nothing,
except hate in their hearts,
and revenge on their minds.

The Aboriginal curse
is coming back to them.
measure for measure…
and we’ll keep sending
sign after sign…
and we will not stop,
until they repent
and bow to us,
the Wanjinas,

amadeo-wanjinas-call Wanjinas’ Call to Aboriginal people for reconciliation