Pre-Aboriginal prehistory of Australia

Dancing with the SkyGod

From the higher to the lower

This precept is a cornerstone of every spiritual and religious tradition. Creation starts with an Idea. From the celestial to the terrestrial. From the universal to the particular. From the spiritual to the material. From God to mankind.

This universal law applies to art and science as well. An artwork or a theory should start with an idea, a vision, a divine inspiration. Once the idea is grasped, the artist or scientist can apply their knowledge and skill to manifest or translate that idea into the material visible realm.

Knowledge and Courage – the Sequenced Path of an Aspirant

Inspiration, even when coming from the highest Source, is not enough. By itself, it is a latent presence, waiting for a catalyst to transform it into action. Waiting for the Shiva Dance. An artist, a scientist, or a spiritual seeker – any true aspirant needs to equip themselves with skill, knowledge and courage. Skill includes three types of training. The physical skill enables the body and teaches self-discipline. Learning about things in general, both of the material and spiritual world, enables the mind, and teaches responsibility and self-control. Learning about the importance of esoteric teaching enables the heart, fortifies it with courage, and teaches insight and trust.

Many faces of God – the God-Idea and its many names

The God-Idea is present in every religious and spiritual practice and every mythology on earth. It can be interpreted as the life-force, energy of the universe, higher power, divine source, and its many interpretations contain the same core wisdom. In Master Ananda’sTheory of Endeavour the practical aspect of the teaching is explained through the threefold interplay of the Source, Society and the Self, each being dual in nature, set in motion by a person’s dedication and effort.

The same idea is found in major religions and spiritual traditions, including Hinduism, Shinto, Mayan, Babylonian, Chinese, Aboriginal, African, American Indian, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman, and is interpreted by using different names for the Godhead and heavenly hierarchy.

The God-Idea in religion and mythology – our common sacred heritage

Interpretations of the God-Idea have the same core esoteric teaching encapsulated in creation stories of most highly advanced civilisations, and is also found in the myths of the most primitive cultures. Those explain the meaning of Oneness, Duality and Trinity and further division down the descent of the divine, and the interconnectedness and interdependence of everything.

Is there a god more sacred than any other god?

Every god, of any name, is the symbol of the same sacred knowledge. The concept of the sacred is present in every spiritual tradition in the world.

Therefore, it is absurd that Australian society is now getting excited over the “sacredness” of Aboriginal lore. Since most Australians belong to some religious or spiritual school of thought, they well know that the material world and life itself is of divine origin, and therefore – everything is sacred.

Every concept of God includes the heavenly hierarchy, with circles or realms of etheric beings. That’s why our names are Masters-of-the-Fifth and Masters-of-the-Sixth level. That is our realm. While a primitive mind might find the hierarchy too difficult and lump all levels into one and call it all just “spirits”, we need true aspirants to know the mechanics of creation – how the idea descends from the Source, through the levels, from God and through the celestial hierarchy, down to the material earthly plane.

But we have no objection to simple people using the term “spirits” or calling the Source or any one or all of the Masters-of-the-Higher-Levels, individually or collectively, simply “God”.

Australian Aborigines – the last remnants of the Third Race

Today’s Aborigines have lately been called the “Australian First People”. This is an unfortunate and misleading misnomer.

They are not the first people at all. They are the descendants of tribes who migrated from Asia and colonised the Australian continent about 50,000 years ago and interbred with the race they found upon their arrival – the AbRajanes.

Who were the AbRajanes?

Upon their arrival, the migrating tribes found the Australian continent already populated by a race we call AbRajanes. They were met with goodwill and friendship, as AbRajanes were a highly spiritual race which freely shared their knowledge and wanted to teach the newcomers the spiritual precepts by which they lived.

Arriving Aborigines found the esoteric teaching too difficult, so the AbRajanes offered the teaching in symbols and images, left to Aborigines as a reminder of the sacred knowledge.

AbRajanes are a race of tribes who migrated to the Australian continent from Africa in the earlier epoch. Upon their arrival, these tribes found the Australian autochthonous population, the mystic race of the Rajanes.

Who were the Rajanes? And what is the place of their highly advanced civilisation in the earth cycles?

The Rajanes are the original occupants of the supercontinent, in some traditions called Gondwana, which existed five million years ago. It belonged to a highly developed civilisation which was at its peak before the earth’s upheaval breaking the supercontinent into smaller ones, including Lemuria and Atlantis.

During the three major earth upheavals, landmasses were “rearranged”, and the continents reshaped. Each upheaval, with its rifting and patching of continental crust in earth cycles, prompted the emergence of a new race, with the remnants of the previous race interbreeding with the new race.

The first upheaval led to the demise of the Rajanes and the emergence of the AbRajanes. The second upheaval led to the demise of the AbRajanes and the emergence of the Aborigines. The third upheaval completely isolated the tribes in Australia, and they – over the following millennia – descended into the darkness of the stone age and maintained that inert state of hunter-gatherer existence until the European colonisation of Australia.

India – the Shining Ones

Before the first upheaval which separated the supercontinent into smaller landmasses, the supercontinent included most of the landmasses in today’s southern hemisphere, including Antarctica, South America, Africa, Australia, the Indian subcontinent, Tibet and parts of China, some of which have moved entirely into the northern hemisphere.

Since that civilisation peak by the Rajanes, sub-races were increasingly isolated from each other and started forgetting their true origins, each at a different pace. The people who best preserved the sacred wisdom are today present only in India and Tibet. That’s why we call that part of the world the place of the Shining Ones, as by their devotion they glow and attract our attention.

Dual origins of mankind – God’s creation and civilisations from other galaxies

Children! There is no need to argue – both the creationists and alien-intervention advocates are right!

The advocates of the “we come from the sky” theory are correct, but they explore the origins of life no further into the past then the arrival of a more advanced civilisation to this planet.

The advocates of the “our divine origins” theory are correct, but they explore the origins of life before the interaction of “aliens” with life-forms on earth.

The terms “advanced” or “civilised” and “rudimentary” or “primitive” are chosen for convenience, not as attributes to mark “better” or “worse”.

The “remnant” is a term acknowledging the connection of some cultures present today with those highly advanced and evolved civilisations of the distant past.

Parallel events on other continents – who is the remnant of whom?

The same de-evolution, the plunge from the peak to the through from a highly advanced civilisation to a dark age, as found in prehistory of Australia, was occurring in other parts of the world as well.

But in some ancient cultures, the remaining tribes have kept the esoteric knowledge alive, and have much more to offer than the Australian Aborigines.

Australian Aborigines have forgotten what the symbols and stories passed on to them by the AbRajanes stand for. Today, they worship the empty shell of the true spirituality originating from the Rajanes, and retell the stories without remembering their true meaning.

The Shining Ones offer truly useful sacred knowledge to people with a discerning mind.

Some African and American Indian tribes have retained some of the esoteric teaching and may be of use to modern society.

Prehistory before prehistory – migration, transmutation, and dispersion of races

This explains the waxing and waning of spirituality, the rise and fall of civilisations – how races and sub-races originating from the same root race were dispersed through the world, and followed a different evolutionary path after three main earth upheavals. It also explains how groups of survivors of highly advanced civilisations, highly evolved in both the material and spiritual aspect, kept descending into darkness, leading to the next evolutionary cycle.

Other topics explored include:

The evolution and de-evolution – earth evolutionary cycles explained

Worlds in collision – Gods and mankind in intertwined intervention

The Dreamtime stories – their forgotten meaning