We invite the musicians in Australia and overseas to render their own version of our Blue Whale Blues song, and submit it by the end of September:


Whale photos are courtesy of Bryant Austin (http://www.studiocosmos.com/)

Wanjina-Passion-Damir-Tenodi The Blue Whale Blues
You wouldn’t kill friends, so why kill whales?

by Damir Tenodi

You  wouldn’t kill friends
so why kill whales?
And what monster hails
such evil trends?

Do not kill whales,
it makes the gods cry
Do not kill whales
it shakes the sky.

Don’t kill whales
it desolates waves
Don’t kill whales,
it mankind shames.

Don’t kill whales,
their hearts are so  big
but struck by veils
they brake like a twig.

Don’t kill whales,
throw away the harpoon
Don’t kill whales,
or we’ll be gone soon.

Don’t kill whales,
we need their tune
Don’t kill whales,
who peacefully croon.

Hey, stop killing whales,
you don’t kill friends,
but if you kill,
out of thrill,
then everything fails,
and everything pales,
so, stop killing whales.

Stop killing whales
stop killing whales
You don’t kill friends
you don’t kill friends
But listen and watch,
just listen and watch
their magnificent grace
we all should embrace.

So, listen up guys
and lend me your ear,
let’s stop those cries
born out of fear.

© DreamRaisers 2012