It took four long years, but during the second half of 2012 we started seeing the good results of our awareness-raising campaign. In 2009 Goomblar Wylo decided to tell the truth about Australian Aborigines, for the DreamRaiser Trilogy. His honesty and courage served as an example and inspiration to other brave Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people, who have stepped forward to repeat, confirm and expand on the truth as told by him, about the extent of damage done by Aboriginal hatred and violence, and political correctness gone mad. Recommended articles:

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Following the Aboriginal attacks on the Prime Minister on Australia Day 2012, we have received a great number of enquiries about Aboriginal violence in general and their bad behavior in the Blue Mountains in particular.

We cannot respond to each individual enquiry, but here is a link to a very informative website:

Australian Database of Indigenous Violence

For a wide range of current affairs and indigenous issues, discussed in the context of current political correctness which is paralyzing Australian society, visit:

Quadrant Online – the leading general intellectual journal of ideas

Our case and harassment of ModroGorje artists belong to an entirely new level of violence, which has been going on for quite some time, but has stayed under the radar and was allowed to continue unreported.

We have achieved a great outcome for all Australian artists. After years and decades of being lied to, the Australian public has become aware that there is no copyright of any ancient imagery – or even more recent art, 70 years after the artist’s death. There is no copyright on styles and designs, there is no ownership of ideas, and nobody needs Aboriginal permission to create art and sell their own work.

The public has now been made aware that many forms of violence against non-Aboriginal artists and ‘disobedient’ writers and free-thinkers are legally and morally unfounded.

There is a growing number of indigenous and non-indigenous Australians striving to change the current reality of bad attitudes, violent behaviour and self-destructive Aboriginal conduct.

As a result, a database is now being compiled, with details of specific cases of violence against intellectuals, artists, writers, journalists, and small business owners in Australia, to be available soon.