The higher cosmic beings, Master Ananda and the Those-Who-Know, in November 2011 gave an assessment of the current condition of the world, with advice, warnings and encouragements.

The Masters said that 10 December 2011 is a tipping point, at which the world will become locked-in the state as people have chosen themselves. Until 20 December 2012 we will all go through a painful year of great readjustment, while there will be no way to break out. All this was predetermined and therefore chosen by our attitudes, priorities and decisions.

The Masters touched upon the idea of God, the concept of the divine, the true meaning of spirituality, cosmic hierarchy and the laws that govern the invisible realms.

They position the Australian prehistoric stone age aboriginal culture within the broader context of cyclic evolution and de-evolution, peaks and troughs of humanity. They place it in stark contrast to the pre-aboriginal races of the highly developed civilisations of the Rajanes and AbRajanes which inhabited the Australian continent before its plunge into the stone age. They also touched upon spiritual archaeology and highly developed vanished civilisations in other parts of the world, which were replaced with another trough in the evolution of mankind.

The Masters also commented on the lawyers who are stepping out of their area of expertise and their attempts to define the divine and to explain art and spirituality in legal terms. Such lawyers are eager to attribute non-existent qualities to a stone age beliefs, and keep trying to concoct a story about the past and spirituality that no longer exists.

The Masters allowed a 3-year timeframe for an attempt at spiritual revival. We are now entering this crucial point – the time between 10 December 2011 and 20 December 2012 – which is a battle for spiritual survival. The year ahead – while we are all locked in the time of great readjustment – should not be seen as a punishment for human folly. It is a consequence of our own choices and also an opportunity to reassess priorities, make hard decisions, take a new direction and change. It requires knowledge and courage – the two sides of the Whispering Stone which were most savagely attacked, showing that those are the qualities that an ignorant mind cannot stand and wants to destroy.

This is a year of battle on the higher mental plane, where the intelligent mind can merge with spiritual insight. Our efforts will decide our future, and whether mankind can spiritually survive.

The full text of the Master Ananda’s assessment ‘Five-to-twelve – Dreamtime is over, it’s time to wake up!’

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