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Orb-Wanjina-Watchers-in-the-whispering-stoneOur DreamRaiser project was initiated by the Those-Who-Know, or Wanjinas (Aboriginal spiritual forefathers, the DreamTimeKeepers), to raise awareness about two matters:

• the dreadful social and spiritual condition the Aboriginal communities live in today, and urgency of a radical change in general approach;

• the fact that I responded to the Wanjinas requests and am formulating and implementing projects as requested by the Sky-God [Head Wanjina].   With help of DreamRaiser project participants such as Gina Sinozich [the painter], Goomblar Wylo [the musician] and Ben Osvath [the sculptor], I pass on the messages from the Sky-God and convey What Wanjinas Want.

During the last twelve months, our activities within the DreamRaisers project have highlighted some important issues, the main being:

  1. freedom of artistic expression, freedom of thought and speech and, most importantly, freedom to explore the divine;
  2. the local council’s immense powers, which they can use to censor artists, deciding what people can and cannot see;
  3. cross-cultural dividing lines and how far political correctness can be stretched;
  4. vandalism and death threats as an effective way for any small group to get their way, aided by the powerless police and community inability to respond.

Anyone looking objectively at our work would clearly see that the book and our art projects are a tribute to Aboriginal people, developed to promote and celebrate Aboriginal culture, inspired by ancient tradition. It is not a copy of anything and it is not disrespectful in any way.

Another remarkable thing is that those who object seem to keep missing the point and ignoring the fact that our project was initiated by Wanjinas [the highest authority, Aboriginal spiritual forefathers] and I act on their request. Therefore, our art comes from the same source as the Dreamtime, and I do not need any permission from any Aboriginal person. Legally, no one does, it is not the law.

Among the Hostiles is a research document, detailing the events around our Wanjina DreamRaisers project. It started in early 2009, with the book Dreamtime Set in Stone – the Truth about Australian Aborigines, as requested by the Those-Who-Know, with three series of Wanjina paintings by Gina Sinozich, and Wanjina Watchers in the Whispering Stone sculpture by Ben Osváth, followed by a series of paintings by this extraordinary sculptor and painter.

However, our efforts to help Aboriginal people date back to the late ‘80s, with an essay by Master Ananda published in 1990. The essay, entitled The Eclipsed Sun, was praising ancient Aboriginal tradition, pointing out how it is waning, on the verge of disappearing, and urging modern society to pay more attention and help Aboriginal people, to prevent their demise. At that time, we were attacked and ridiculed for complimenting Aboriginal tradition, as the common attitude at that time was utter scorn for all things Aboriginal…

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