Truth in Art – Message from Vesna:

In line with What Wanjinas Want, as communicated on 11/03/2011, we are developing a new range of products, inspired by prehistoric Australian cave art, to coincide with the release of “Set in Sand” book.

We are adding new themes to our work plan for 2011 which so far includes:

Blue Mountains Blues – Wanjina Laughing

The series of illustrations under the working title of Council Clowns and Mountain Morons includes cartoons, drawings and caricatures by the participating graphic artists. This is our humorous response to recent events, with real characters, direct quotes and true events from our Blue Mountains and ModroGorje experience.

It covers the lies, accusations, harassment and violence we have been targeted with over the last year-and-a-half. It includes direct quotes from dishonest bureaucrats, gutless politicians and innocent locals brainwashed by lies. It includes insults and threats by violent Aboriginal objectors as well as by their “buddy” Brad Moore, Aboriginal liaison officer at the Blue Mountains City Council. But rather than getting upset, we decided to develop a new series, juxtaposing their lies with the actual facts.

It also covers harassment by Aboriginal lawyers, with excerpts from their threatening letters, and their lies in juxtaposition with current law as it stands and actual truth as told by the Wanjinas. It ends with exploring the wider social context and political climate that we have to cope with, with the local residents either intimidated by vandals, running for cover in fear of their retribution, or brainwashed by lies.

This initiative is partly inspired by Jesus Laughing exhibition

This is a unique opportunity for the general public to get informed through our proactive art.


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WanjinaRising DreamDance performance

On Saturday 19 March 2011 a celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Do Centre for martial and therapeutic arts was held in Zagreb, Croatia.

Our congratulations to Master Borivoj Ranitovic, who has raised generations of good and dedicated students, with his remarkable tutelage and guidance to skilled karatekas, yoga, tai chi and chi kung practitioners, and has been organising generous community initiatives to improve the health and wellbeing of people of all ages and levels of fitness. Our congratulations to his students, the true Warriors of the Heart.

The celebration included a WanjinaRising DreamDance performance, bringing together poetry, music, dance, and art, as well as the WanjinaRising DreamArt exhibition. Master Ananda welcomed this integrated approach and said:

Every participant in the DreamRaisers project and every person who supports and contributes in any way is kissed by the gods. They are putting a smile on Wanjina’s face.

Overview of the Do Centre’s work

WanjinaRising DreamDance performance

Do Centre News

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and visit our joint website

Dreamtime Set in Sand – more Truth about Australian Aborigines, as requested by the Those-Who-Know

Book 2 in the Dreamtime trilogy by Vesna Tenodi, illustrated with “Black Wanjinas” by Gina Sinozich, including Goomblar Wylo and DVD with didgeridoo music.

The Creation of God’s Stumbling Stone

This companion booklet to the “Dreamtime Set in Sand” book details the art of Sydney painter and sculptor Benedikt Osváth. It chronicles his creation of the “Wanjina Watchers in the Whispering Stone”, the 8.5 ton sandstone artwork in front of the ModroGorje Gallery in Katoomba, Blue Mountains.

The catalogue includes the Wanjinas’ instructions for the DreamRaiser project, as given in communications to Vesna, and explains the Whispering Stone, its multiple meaning, and the significance of each of its four Watchers:

Wanjina of the Unknown – the Teacher
Wanjina of Courage – the Warrior
Wanjina of Healing – the Lover
Wanjina of Creation – the Sustainer

Prehistoric Australian art with a modern twist – DreamRaiser workshops

Workshops with Wanjinas’ instructions for exploring new themes selected from Australian prehistoric cave art.


Ben-Osvath-Aura-Series-Vesna-Tenodi Wanjinas’ Kiss (NAIDOC week 2011)

Whitefella-Dreaming Whitefella Dreaming

Wanjinas-Call-Amadeo Wanjinas’ Call to Aboriginal people for Reconciliation (NAIDOC week 2010)

ModroGorje – Truth in Art – News & Links – SkyGod Speaks

Wanjina Watchers’ Whispers – Faces of love, faces of hate

An installation by Vesna, this 3-metre collage includes hundreds of photos of the good people in front of the “Wanjina Watchers in the Whispering Stone”, Benedikt Osváth’s artwork. There are also some images of the bad and the ugly – the destructive and violent Aboriginal objectors ranting and threatening the visitors and trying to destroy the Whispering Stone.

This installation shows sensitive people from all over the world, able to hear the Watchers’ Whispers throughout 2010. Its message is that we need to pay attention and listen carefully, if we are to hear what the gods are telling us. Our Wanjina Watchers’ whispers in Katoomba are for the moment drowned out by the noise of the vandals and their war-cries calling for the destruction of our sacred stone.

Censorship, Art and Politics

In response to the attempts by local bureaucrats to dictate what we can paint and sculpt and think, we are compiling a list of similar cases, outlining the ongoing Aboriginal harassment of white artists and free thinkers in Australia over the last 70 years, from Margaret Preston to Benedikt Osváth.

Links to references and documents dealing with art censorship and the attempts of the authorities to gag those who dare to speak the truth.

Links to sites and resources dealing with Aboriginal attempts to claim ownership of prehistoric imagery, as well as styles and ideas which were introduced and incorporated into Aboriginal tradition by non-Aboriginal races in the distant past.

Links to stone age art websites, including Wanjina-style prehistoric imagery from all over the world, in juxtaposition to spiritual and metaphysical trends in contemporary art.

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