Media Release: ModroZorje Wanjina Watchers Sculpture Garden opening in Europe in response to Aboriginal violent and hateful conduct and the corrupt actions of the Aboriginal Industry

ModroZorje Wanjina Watchers Sculpture Garden opening in Europe

In response to Aboriginal violent and hateful conduct (including vandalism and death threats) towards our DreamRaiser art projects (an initiative to revive Aboriginal spirituality), and the corrupt actions of the Aboriginal industry, ModroGorje Gallery now has the ModroZorje sister centre in Europe, with the Wanjina Watchers in the Whispering Stone sculpture by Benedikt Osváth as its sculpture garden centrepiece.

Foundation of ModroZorje DreamRaiser sacred art and sculpture garden – ModroZorje© has been founded to continue the DreamRaiser™ Project started in 2009 with our ModroGorje© Gallery in Katoomba in the Blue Mountains.

The ModroGorje DreamRaiser Project is referenced to Australian Pre-Aboriginal art and archaeology, with a group of artists exploring anthropomorphic rock art known as Wanjina and Bradshaw figures, created by the Pre-Aboriginal races of Rajanes© and Abrajanes©, predating Aboriginal tribes by thousands of years.

ModroZorje is giving the DreamRaiser Project a fresh start, widening its scope to include art from other traditions. ModroGorje (‘Blue Mountains’ in Croatian) was founded to help Aborigines, stop their self-destructive behaviour, and revive a forgotten spirituality. ModroZorje (‘Blue Dawn’ in Croatian) is founded as a safe space for people to enjoy the ‘Wanjina Watchers’ art, without fear of Aboriginal violence.

The initial cause for all the violence and abuse – that we, our artists and our supporters had to endure over the last 8 years – was the inconvenient truth as told by a brave Aboriginal elder Goomblar Wylo in Vesna Tenodi’s book ‘Dreamtime Set in Stone – the Truth about Australian Aborigines’ published in 2009. The ‘Wanjina Watchers’ opus of artworks by Benedikt Osváth and Gina Sinozich are now safe in Europe.

We welcome the recent decisions for partial defunding of the Arts Law Centre of Australia, but request further funding cuts for their ongoing breach of our copyright and moral rights. Despite the clear decisions made by the ACCC and the Fair Trading Office – that the Arts Law Centre’s claims were false and their accusations without merit – the Arts Law keeps deceiving the public with defamatory statements on their website, thus breaking the laws they are funded to uphold.

We call for further funding cuts to organisations which abuse their power, and we repeat our Request to the Federal Government for an Inquiry into Aboriginal violence and into Corruption in the Aboriginal Industry
We thank all our friends and supporters for their contribution to our struggle for freedom of expression and our campaign for the Australian Government to intervene in the Arts Law Centre ongoing breach of moral rights of Australian non-Aboriginal artists Benedikt Osváth and Gina Sinozich

ModroGorje gallery was closed due to Aboriginal anger. There are plenty of “offended” Aborigines out there. Being offended and/or angry is a sure way to silence anyone you oppose. Add Aboriginality to the equation, and few wish to intervene for fear of being called a racist.
I hope that ModroZorje centre will be embraced by all people, as a place of hope and true peace.

Anthony Dillon, Commentator on Aboriginal Affairs

Vesna, I know you are a true visionary, in direct contact with Wanjinas. David was the first who recognised that back in the 1990s… He told me to contact you, because you are the only one who knows the truth about the Wanjina. It was horrible how the mob from Mowanjum and the Blue Mountains attacked you. They know nothing, but hate everyone. I hope the information I gave you can be of help.

Support for ModroZorje from David Banggal Mowaljarlai relative, Western Australia

Print version of the ModroZorje Wanjina Watchers Sculpture Garden opening in Europe media release.

Info: Vesna Tenodi and Donald Richardson

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